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Granville Academy Locations

The site for students K-12 who attend Granville Academy on the northern part of Granville County is the GA Mary Potter Center of Education Campus.

202 Taylor St, Oxford, NC 27565

Mary Potter Campus


GA Hawley Historical Annex is the site for students K-12 who attend Granville Academy on the southern part of Granville County.

2173 Brassfield Rd, Creedmoor, NC 27522

Granville Academy & 5 STAR Academy

Granville Academy is a program that serves students in grades K-12 with flexible schedules and blended learning models. Our Blended learning utilizes online, blended, and face-to face instruction. The purpose of Granville Academy is to offer students a world-class education in a flexible format and environment. Granville Academy is designed to provide students with choices and opportunities they may not have previously had through the traditional educational experience. The flexibility of this new choice in instruction would allow students more opportunities to pursue personal hobbies and interests. 

Granville Academy offers two public learning options. In our blended learning program, students in grades K-5 and 6-8 attend a physical school building two days per week for approximately 5 hours each day (8:30 am to 12:30 pm). Our school serves all of Granville County. Due to the size of the county, our blended teachers serve our K-8 students in two locations. Students who live in what is considered the northern part of the county will attend face-to-face class on Monday and Tuesday at our base school (location), GA Mary Potter Center for Education. Students who live in what is considered the southern part of the county will attend their face-to-face classes Wednesday and Thursday at Hawley Historical Annex. Our 5 star Academy program offers students the opportunity to learn in a fully virtual environment.

High school students in grades 9-12 will have flexibility in their work space based on their progress. While there are no requirements for our high school students to attend a physical building, we do provide in person (and virtual)  lab opportunities. Our lab is located at our base location and provides students with the opportunity to come in for tutoring or extra support from their teachers.


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