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Granville Academy
Providing a world-class education in personalized and flexible environment

How does Granville Academy work?

Granville Academy will provide a flexible, personalized learning experience by creating a school structure that uses blended learning. Blended learning provides designated days to meet with teachers onsite for instruction and other days working online independently. Students are eligible to participate in extracurricular activities such as band, art, and athletics.

Granville Academy will provide a rigorous world-class education using personalized instruction and blended learning for all students.

Is Granville Academy accredited? Approved by NCAA?

Granville Academy courses are accredited as part of the school district system by Advance Education, Inc. (AdvancED). Our courses meet all of the North Carolina Standards. In addition, all coursework is NCAA-approved.

How much does it cost to attend Granville Academy?

Granville County Residents: Granville Academy is FREE to residents of Granville County.

Out-of-County Residents: Students that live outside of Granville County will pay out-of-district tuition. The Granville County Public Schools Board of Education will determine the out-of-county tuition amount.

How do I know which courses to take?

Each student will follow the North Carolina Course of Study for elementary, middle and high school. A personalized course of study will be developed with the student, Home Advocate and Granville Academy Advisor, to meet each learners interests and needs. Some classes may be face-to-face, while others will be Blended or online.

Does Granville Academy issue diplomas?

Granville Academy students who are graduating in 2019 will receive a diploma from the base high school in which they are enrolled in Granville County. For example, a Granville County resident will enroll in their designated base-school based on their home address.

Students who are enrolling from out-of-district will apply to an in-district high school. The diploma will be awarded from the school in which they are enrolled (South Granville High School, Granville Central High School, JF Webb High School or JF Webb School of Health and Life Sciences).

Transcripts, report cards, and diplomas are issued by the base school. Unlike students at a traditional school, Granville Academy students take courses on a flexible schedule through the registration at a base school working with advisor.

How does Kindergarten – 5th grade work in Granville Academy?

The elementary program available through Granville Academy follows an innovative learning model. Kindergarten through 5th grade utilizes a flexible learning model and offers a comprehensive elementary curriculum, including Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, Science, Technology, and special subjects like Art and P.E. The flexible model requires some days on campus and some days off campus.

The elementary instructional model requires:

  • Onsite, face-to-face time weekly
  • Reading on grade level by the end of the first grade
  • Parents are a partner and can observe student’s learning
  • District provides mastery-based curriculum and dedicated advisor
  • Designated home advocate
  • Internet connection
  • Transportation
  • Sample Week-at-a-Glance document

Granville Academy Elementary employs the best practices for young children learning online and onsite, through a personalized curriculum, which extends a student’s learning through 1:1 support with licensed teachers and a home advocate.

How does middle school work in Granville Academy?

The middle school experience is designed to provide students the maximum opportunity to earn high school credit and/or Career Technical Education certifications while in middle school. This design allows for student to access Career College Promise course of study earlier; thereby, increasing the ability to earn free college credit while in high school.

  • Designed to allow curriculum compacting to earn high school credit and CTE certifications while in Middle School
  • Multiple internship experiences provided
  • Each student has a dedicated home advocate and district advisor
  • Required face-to-face time on some days
  • District provides mastery-based curriculum

How does high school work in Granville Academy?

The Flex High School offers blended learning pathways in four focus areas:

Career College Promise Track

  • Dual enroll in high school and VGCC online and F2F
  • Minimum age of 16
  • 3.0 GPA, to to earn a high school diploma and college credit towards AA or AS degree.
  • AA or AS degrees articulate to any of the sixteen UNC schools

Career Skills Certifications Track

  • Focused for students to leave High School work ready with industry certifications
  • Core plus industry licensed certifications
  • Grades 9 and 10 job shadow quarterly, in the various trade areas, to assist them identify which area to earn licensure

Evening Academy Track

  • Designed for students needing a later school day.
  • Designed to offer the combination blended traditional and online coursework

Traditional Track

  • Designed to offer the combination blended, traditional and online coursework
  • A la’ Carte design- Students in traditional school may select specific courses they would like to take online as part of their traditional school instruction

Does Granville Academy provide services and accommodations for students with disabilities?

Yes, accommodations for students with disabilities are provided in accordance to all local and state board policy. Our goal is to provide an exemplary educational experience for all students. Granville Academy is a school of choice and should be considered only if Granville Academy is the most appropriate choice based on the unique needs of the student.

Students should meet the profile for success set forth by Granville Academy. All students are required to follow the instructional policies enforced at Granville Academy and must agree to such upon registration.

If a student has a disability or impairment, this should be indicated when prompted during registration at Granville Academy. Parents/guardians are responsible for providing Granville Academy a copy of the student’s most current IEP (Individual Educational Plan) or 504 Plan. These documents should be submitted directly to the registrar at the base school by the parent/guardian.

All students at Granville Academy have access to many accommodations that naturally occur in the virtual setting. In addition, Granville Academy may be able to provide additional accommodations per a student’s IEP or Section 504 Plan if the accommodation(s) is/are applicable to the online educational environment. Please note that some accommodations may not be possible to implement in the online educational setting.

Students/families are encouraged to communicate regularly with their teachers at Granville Academy to determine whether the virtual educational environment can appropriately meet the needs of the student.

Are the courses taught by real teachers?

Yes. Every Granville Academy course is taught by state-certified teachers, who are experts in their subject areas. Teachers and students interact regularly through phone, email, text, and live lessons. Students are encouraged to contact their teachers when there is a need of any kind.

Are Honors courses available?

Almost all of our courses may be taken for Regular or Honors credit.

Do you offer Advanced Placement® (AP) courses? How do I earn AP credit?

Yes, Granville Academy offers online Advanced Placement courses for several subject areas. An AP course is a college-level learning experience, which requires that students be academically prepared and willing to invest the necessary time and effort. College credit is earn when the student successfully completes the AP Exam and a level 3, 4, or 5.

Do you provide students with a computer?

Chromebooks will be provided to students who do not have a device at home. An reliable Internet connection must be available at home and is not provided by Granville Academy.

Do you provide transportation?

No, students attending Granville Academy must provide their own transportation.

When will Granville Academy begin?

Granville Academy will begin in August 2018 and will follow the Granville County Public Schools traditional calendar.

How long does a typical course take to complete?

Granville Academy courses are designed for semester-based terms for high school, year-long for middle and elementary schools. However, some middle school coursework will follow a modified schedule if the course is for high school credit or an elective which requires a different pace. Since time is not a constant in blended learning, you will have flexibility of pace and can discuss details with your teacher for early completion of the course.

Can I accelerate and complete a course faster?

Yes you can! Students can elect to do extra assignments each week, therefore completing the course in less time. All courses have a traditional pace chart which will keep you on track but you can work with your teacher to tailor a pace chart that meets your accelerated needs.

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