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GA Blended Learning: 6-8

GA Learning Agreement

First page of the PDF file: GALearningAgreement

GA Blended Learning: 6-8

The Middle Grade blended learning program available through Granville Academy follows an innovative learning model. Students in grades 6-8 utilize a flexible learning model and offers a comprehensive curriculum, including Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and  Science. The flexible model requires some days on campus and some days off campus. 

The middle grade instructional model requires:

  • Onsite, face-to-face time weekly
  • Parents are a partner and can observe student’s learning
  • District provides mastery-based curriculum and dedicated advisor
  • Designated home advocate/Learning Coach
  • Internet connection
  • Transportation

Granville Academy Elementary employs the best practices for young children learning online and onsite, through a personalized curriculum, which extends a student’s learning through 1:1 support with licensed teachers and a home advocate.

The middle school experience is also designed to provide students the maximum opportunity to earn high school credit and/or Career Technical Education certifications while in middle school. This design allows for student to access Career College Promise course of study earlier; thereby, increasing the ability to earn free college credit while in high school.

  • Designed to allow curriculum compacting to earn high school credit and CTE certifications while in Middle School
Middle Grades