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GA Virtual Pathway: 6-8

GA Learning Agreement

First page of the PDF file: GALearningAgreement

GA Virtual Pathway: 6-8

The Middle Grade virtual learning program available through Granville Academy follows an innovative learning model. Students in grades 6-8 utilize a flexible learning model and offers a comprehensive curriculum, including Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and  Science. The flexible model requires full participation in learning off campus that is anytime, and any place.

The middle grade instructional model requires:

  • Virtual lesson times weekly
  • Parents are a partner and can observe student’s learning
  • District provides mastery-based curriculum and dedicated advisor
  • Designated home advocate/Learning Coach
  • Internet connection

Granville Academy Elementary employs the best practices for young children learning online, through a personalized curriculum, which extends a student’s learning through 1:1 support with licensed teachers and a home advocate.

The middle school experience is also designed to provide students the maximum opportunity to earn high school credit and/or Career Technical Education certifications while in middle school. This design allows for student to access Career College Promise course of study earlier; thereby, increasing the ability to earn free college credit while in high school.

  • Designed to allow curriculum compacting to earn high school credit and CTE certifications while in Middle School